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About Me

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A Note from the Artist:

Since I can remember, I’ve always been a lover of all the arts. Whether it was carrying around an empty 35mm lens case of my fathers as my first purse, spending all my days furiously drawing into sketchbooks, or hovering for hours over an enlarger in the darkroom, I was always finding a way to express myself creatively. As a photographer, I am inspired by everything and anything in my day to day life–  from the colors of food to the textures of the sea– nothing is off limits for invoking new ideas for photo shoots or personal projects.

I’ve always believed I saw the world in a different way. I see the world in photographs–sometimes in vidid color, sometimes in black and white. My eyes are trained to see details, to find negative space, to know how to fill a frame. I’m an observer, a watcher, a storyteller. I want to tell your story.

When I shoot my main goal is to act as a commissioned artist, and to paint the story of who you truly are through my lens in an artful and soulful way. I love capturing little moments, unposed candids and all the details of you, your loved ones, your relationships, your home, or your wedding day. I’m not going to try and to pose you in something that seems stuffy and un-natural. Because what I want to capture is much deeper than a picture perfect photograph. I want to see that smile that breaks across your face right before you are about to be kissed. I want to know the way you laugh when your partner whispers their corniest joke into your ear. I want to watch you slow dance in public and see if you can get into a world where it’s just you two. I want to tell the stories of your family–the tiny beautiful moments that make up who you are as a cohesive, loving unit. I want to capture the way your knee buckles in or you bite your lip when you are nervous. I want to observe and tell all little, quirky things that make you the gorgeous and one of a kind soul that I see when I look at you. I crave to know what makes you tick.

My ultimate goal is to produce a series of photos that takes your breath away. I want to get to know you as a friend throughout the entire session, I want to make you feel beautiful and confident, but most of all, I want you to take the time to be with your loved ones during the shoot. Most likely you’ll forget I’m even there, which is my goal– I just kind of quietly anticipate moments and click away while you have the time of your life. No forced smiles here!

A few random facts about me: my second place of comfort (besides behind the lens) is in the kitchen. You can usually find me reading cookbooks or scouring bon appetit for new recipes to try, and the real reason I go to the gym is to be able to shamelessly watch the food network when I’m on the treadmill. I’m an animal lover and foster kittens frequently for the SPCA…I actually have a dedicated “kitten room” in my house! It’s an incredibly rewarding experience and I love being able to care for these kittens because I don’t have an animal of my own…(yet!). I travel as much as I can, I left my heart in India two years ago, and if I were a better watercolorist, I would exclusively paint wildflowers on sea cliffs and coastlines (my favorite places). I have a passion for floral design, I collect rocks, gems and crystals, and usually have candles burning at all hours of the day. I’ve become obsessive about taking polaroids, and they are perfectly imperfect little snapshots that are hanging on clothespins all around my house.

One of the greatest things I’ve learned about being a photographer is that soulful, powerful, gorgeous images can not be created without trust. I am so grateful to those who truly open themselves and their lives and loves and relationships and homes and vulnerability to me and my lens… I love what I do. I am happy every day that I get to work. I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to tell your story.